Fireworks business is booming

By: Grant

NEW YORK (AP) — Fireworks: they aren’t just for the Fourth of July anymore. As many people have probably noticed — there is a lot of booming going on. People from coast to coast have noted the nightly round of “bombs bursting in air” — and that it has been going on well before the Fourth rolls around. So what’s up with that? Julie L. Heckman, head of the American Pyrotechnics Association says, “I had that same question.” Some have linked the fireworks to those protesting police brutality — or to people who are bored, trying to blow off steam amid coronavirus shutdowns. Many July 4th celebrations will be smaller or eliminated this year because of COVID-19. But Heckman says the fireworks business is booming, with some sellers reporting 200% increases over last year’s numbers.
by Oscar Wells Gabriel II