A Couple Opened Their Suitcase at the Airport and Found Their Dog Hiding Inside

You know how people post photos of their pets sitting on their suitcases and say, “Aw, they don’t want us to go!”  Well, here’s what happens when the pet ratchets things up a notch.

A Texas couple named Jared and Kristi Owens were flying to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway earlier this month.  Everything was going smoothly until they went to check their bags, and one of them was five pounds over the limit.

They opened it up to see if they could rearrange some things, and there . . . inside the suitcase . . . was their dog She’s a Chihuahua named Icky.

They were shocked and didn’t know what to do.  But a Southwest Airlines agent named Cathy Cook volunteered to babysit Icky for them until they got back.  And they took her up on the offer.

As wild as this story is . . . and how cool it was of Cathy to help . . . Jared admitted that this could’ve easily been a very tragic story.  If the bag was not overweight, Icky wouldn’t have been discovered, and could’ve died.