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Starved Rock Flooded, Utica Mostly Spared

UTICA – A voluntary evacuation yesterday in parts of the village of Utica ahead of the crest of the Illinois River had few seeking higher ground, this as the river rose to what may end up being the fourth major flood in a dozen years. The river rose to 14 foot above flood stage, coming

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Health Concerns as Floodwaters Recede

OTTAWA – The Illinois River has crested in most areas across North Central Illinois, and damage has been kept to a minimum in part due to recent floods in 2018 and the all time record flooding in 2013, where waters were nearly three foot higher than today. Health departments are warning

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Sandbags available in Pontiac

PONTIAC – The Vermillion River has continued to rise over the past several days. At 2:45 p.m. this afternoon the level was 17.14 feet. According to Pontiac’s Police Department, even though at the present time the date suggests that a crest is near, residents of flood plain areas are

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