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Ottawa requests tax levy increase

OTTAWA – The city of Ottawa is requesting an over 6% increase to their tax levy. The request was placed on file at Tuesday night’s city council meeting for an increased levy of 6.33% or $400,000 more than the amount requested in the previous year.  According to Commissioner Wayne

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LaSalle council calls out feral cat feeders

LASALLE – Concerns over residents feeding feral cats in LaSalle was addressed at Monday’s city council meeting. According to Mayor Jeff Grove, people in the neighborhood are putting food out and sheltering stray cats. According to City Attorney James McPhedran, prohibiting people from

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New Alderman Appointed in Mendota

MENDOTA – Mendota Mayor David Boelk appointed a new alderman to the 2nd Ward. Leo Hochstatter was sworn to the council at Monday night’s meeting, after the death of Alderman John Pierson in late October. In addition, the council approved a motion to hire a new full-time firefighter.

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