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Infant Kidnapping Fabricated Saturday Night

FARMINGTON – A statewide Amber Alert that was issued for an infant that was in a stolen car was a hoax created by a man who allegedly was the victim of a robbery during a drug deal.   The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office say they received a call around 5 p.m.  for a stolen car from a

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Streator Pushes to Ban Sweepstakes Machines

STREATOR – The city of Streator is pushing for a ban on non-licensed video gambling also known as sweepstakes machines. In a council meeting earlier this week, council agreed to draft an ordinance to ban the machines. The profits from the non-licensed machines stay with the business and the

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Bomb Hoax Emails Reported Nationwide

CHICAGO— Businesses and schools were evacuated because of a bomb threat hoax across the United States Thursday. Rush-Copley Hospital and the Aurora City Hall were among many places that received threats according to the Aurora Police Department. Rochelle Community Hospital also reported getting

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