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Two Vehicle Crash in Spring Valley

SPRING VALLEY – Spring Valley Fire and Police Departments along with EMS were called to a two vehicle collision on Monday. The vehicles were heavily damaged with airbags deployed after the collision on Illinois Route 89 near Joseph Ruva drive around 7 a.m. According to authorities, crews

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O’Hare Leads in Top Busiest Airports

CHICAGO – O’Hare Airport was listed as the third busiest airport during Thanksgiving, according to the Hopper and Insure My Trip. Research teams revealed the busiest days to depart and return from holiday festivities being Wednesday, November 21st and returning on Sunday, November

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Don’t Fall for Jury Duty Scams

KENDALL – The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of a new phone scam. According to authorities, the scammer claims to be Sgt. Baker with the Jury Duty Division stating they missed Jury Duty. The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office does not make calls stating you have

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