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Italians say you are doing pasta all wrong

Italians are very passionate about their pasta, and they will not hesitate to tell you when you’re doing it wrong.  Things Italians will turn their nose up at if you do this with your pasta. 1.  Ketchup on pasta. 2.  Cutting pasta with a knife.  . 3.  Putting pasta in cold

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Burglar steals $1,400 diaper bag

A burglar in Memphis broke into a vehicle and stole several credit cards, a $500 ring, and a $1,400 Gucci diaper bag.  The burglar knew what they had, because they came back and tried to break into the same car three days later, this time unsuccessfully.

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Dating trends towards 2023

  1.  Main Character Energy:  Focusing on yourself instead of wasting time on people who don’t meet your standards or needs. 2.  Eco-Dumping:  Dating (or NOT dating) someone based on how environmentally conscious they are (or are NOT). 3.  Heat Doming:  Dating someone

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