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You Can Eat Your Christmas Tree

A while back, there was a book about how you can EAT your Christmas tree, and the trend may be picking up steam.  New reports say that “growing numbers of households are eating parts before throwing them out.” The trend may be picking up steam.  Reports this week say that

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10 uncommon things that should be normalized

As we enter 2023, embarrassment should be pushed aside and these uncommon things should become more normalized throughout society. 1.  Eating out alone.  Some are self-conscious about it, but treat yourself. 2.  Adult slumber parties.  Staying over, or renting a house with your

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Top 10 Parks in North Central Illinois

  If you need an adventure right in your own back yard, North Central Illinois is filled with amazing views to take in, trails to hike, swings to swing on, and parks to visit for the day. Matthiessen State Park, Utica  Starved Rock State Park, Utica Catlin Park, Ottawa Rotary Park,

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