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Snake orgy shuts down park

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) — Birds do it. Bees do it. And, as people near a lake in Florida found out the other day, so do snakes — in large groups. Authorities in Lakeland shut down a section of a lake this past Thursday after getting reports of snakes thrashing about in the water. They weren’t

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Man released after swimming from Canada to USA

DETROIT (AP) — There are a lot of things you can call a man who decided to swim from Canada to the U.S. to make sure his homemade books arrived before Christmas. But his lawyer says “dangerous” isn’t one of them. And apparently a judge in Detroit agrees. A federal judge has sentenced

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Marriage proposal ends up on Google maps

BERLIN (AP) — Some marriage proposals go viral. This one went aerial. A German man literally spelled out his intentions to marry his girlfriend by planting a field of corn so the gaps between the stalks spelled out, “Do you want to marry me?” Last May, Steffen Schwarz asked his girlfriend

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