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10 facts about FM radio

The word “Broadcasting” comes from farming WLW is the most powerful radio station in history You can thank Wheaties for radio jingles It took a sinking ship to normalize overseas radio The Eiffel Tower is a one big radio antenna Listeners could download video games from the radio

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Hawaii tourists follow GPS right into harbor

A pair of tourists on the Big Island in Hawaii followed their GPS to the extreme as it took them into the Honokohau Harbor.  It was raining heavily and the GPS sent them down the ramp right into the harbor.  Onlookers watched as the tourists drove right in without stopping and jumped in to

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Couples Will Be Able To Wed In Space

Here’s the most expensive destination wedding you could ever be invited to:  Weddings in SPACE are going to be a thing soon. You can launch from land, or from a boat at sea.  The whole thing lasts six hours.  But most of it is just getting up there, and coming back

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Times Not Appropriate To Tip

Tipping seems to be the new thing now, as even self-checkout kiosks are asking for them.  But there ARE still situations where tipping isn’t necessary, or can even be seen as bad etiquette. According to experts, there are times and places where there isn’t a need for us to tip. Check

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This or that: random edition

Watch a black and white movie or a visit a historic site Collect seashells by the seashore or collect Pokémon cards Be interviewed on the radio or have your interview published in a newspaper Sit on a couch or sit on a recliner Swim in the ocean or in a pool Play music or make music Play

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