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Man teaches entitled parker a lesson

What would you do if you found a car that didn’t belong to you in your driveway?  A user on Reddit shared a story of coming home to find a stranger’s car in their driveway, a single-car driveway with retaining walls on both sides.  There was no street parking to be found nearby as

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Time theft cost former employee $2,000

A woman in Vancouver recently sued the company she had been terminated from for not paying her final wages of $5,000.  She was working from home at the time of termination and the company countersued her for time theft.  Her company laptop had software called “TimeCamp”

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10 hand gestures that are cringeworthy

As we roll into 2023, there are some hand gestures that should stay behind in 2022 according to a recent survey of Gen Zers.  The poll included 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 29, and the most cringeworthy hand gestures have been identified.  Air guitar Double thumbs up Writing a

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