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Woman Receives New Kidney Thanks to Her Dog

A 44-year-old in the U.K. named Lucy Humphrey recently received a new kidney thanks to her dog.   She’d been waiting for a donor for five years.  Then last year, she had to cancel a vacation for health reasons, and took her dogs to a beach instead. One of them kept running up to a random

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This or that: travel edition

Summer is right around the corner and travel is on everyone’s mind.  Time to decide where to go and how to get there. Plan every detail or roll with the flow Beach or snow Road trip or plane International or national Travel alone or with friends Amusement parks or hiking Busy city or

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This or that: personality edition

What type of person do you want to be remembered for being? Be good with animals or good with children Be considered “musical” or considered “mechanical” Be the “fix it” person or be everyone’s shoulder to cry on Be the one that everyone calls in an emergency or be the one everyone

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Dinners in Space Coming Soon

Tough choice:  Send your kids to college, or have one EPIC meal.  Fancy dinners in SPACE are coming in 2025 for the low, low price of just $132,000 per person. A company in France will start sending giant balloons to the edge of space, with a capsule underneath that fits up to six people.  If

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This or that: super hero edition

Are you team Marvel or team DC?  Maybe you cross over between the two?      Marvel vs DC Iron Man vs Batman Captain America vs Superman Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman Deadpool vs Green Lantern Black Panther vs Black Adam Black Widow vs Catwoman Hawkeye vs Green Arrow Spiderman vs The

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